Saturnalia Presents: Naughty or Nice

Saturday, December 1st, 10:30-3:00



Roman Festival


In ancient Roman times, there existed a festival that celebrated life in honor of the Roman god Saturn. All types of people came together to partake in this revelry and enjoy all of life’s indulgence.

Come experience a Roman festival like never before, where we will unite to savor amazing sounds, incredible visuals and a carnival of fun that will have you yearning for more and ready to party and dance the night away.

Celebrating Diversity & Supporting Local Charities

Partial proceeds from the ROME festival will benefit PALS - Atlanta,  who's mission is to provide ongoing care and support to the pets of Atlanta area persons living with disabilities due to HIV/AIDS, terminal illnesses and the elderly.  

Special Thanks to Empowerment Resource Center

 The mission of Empowerment Resource Center is to provide programs, services, and community-level solutions that improve the health-related quality of life of people infected and affected by HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Achieving Better Health Outcomes: One Client At A Time


ROME Podcast

Prepare to welcome NYC DJ Brett Oosterhaus back to the ATL as he will have us unable to leave the dance floor once again on September 15th.  


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